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    This Swiss-designed adaptor comes with a removable dual-USB top perfect for traveling. Safely connects all earthed 3-pole and unearthed 2-pole devices including laptops and hairdryers. The universal outlet accepts plugs from over 150 countries and contains built-in plugs for Italy, Switzerland, Australia, UK, USA and Europe. Use the dual-USB top to charge...

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    This Pro Travel 2-in-1 Micro Bead Pillow is perfect for the frequent traveler who wants to rest in comfort. It features a silky fleece fabric that is cozy on your skin and the ability to easily transform from a U-shaped pillow to a standard rectangle-shaped pillow. The pillow is filled with special micro beads giving maximum comfort and support while...

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    This Swiss-designed, powerful device combines a 5200mAh charger and a wireless router into one. The 2.1A USB port charges smartphones, tablets and mobile devices while allowing you to connect to the internet through an available Wi-Fi connection from up to 10 meters away. Connect to an existing internet network either wirelessly or via LAN cable, then...

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    Award-winning design. The easiest way to check your luggage weight before getting onboard. Simply hang your luggage on this handheld scale to reveal its weight. The portable scale is certified to weigh up to 50kg/110lbs of luggage and is equipped with a large, digital screen for easy viewing. It features a slim, compact design, auto shutdown and an...

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